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Childlike Innocence

[US President George Bush]”I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.” Obviously not a subscriber to Scientific American.


Closed Captioning

I wrote the caption about the two people who ‘found’ the items. I believed in my opinion, that they did simply find them, and not ‘looted’ them in the definition of the word. The...


More Semantics

Black people “Loot”. White people “Find”. City Officials “Empty”. City officials were taking advantage of the state of emergency to empty an Office Depot, which already had been looted, of supplies they needed for...


Early Warning – October 2001

If a big, slow-moving hurricane crossed the Gulf of Mexico on the right track, it would drive a sea surge that would drown New Orleans under 20 feet of water.


Fear of a Black Planet

Black Man… “Looting” Black Man… “Looter” White Couple… “Finding” Black man, black woman, black baby White man, white woman, white baby Black man, white woman, black baby White man, black woman, black baby More...


Stay The Course

Bush’s August average rating is the lowest for any re-elected president since World War II at a similar point after their re-election, with the exception of Richard Nixon. He’s now more unpopular than FDR,...


Whitest Guy in Kauai

Just back from a mammoth holiday. Michigan, then Ohio, then San Francisco, then a big chunk in gorgeous Kauai, where I spent a lot of time swimming with the fishes. Went for a thrilling...



Wanted some photo albums. Went into total geek mode and installed Gallery, which required the latest Apache2, MySQL, PHP, and a bunch of other nerd utils. To get the damn thing working, I had...


Higgeldy Piggeldy

The urbanized area in and around Los Angeles has become the most densely populated place in the continental United States, according to the Census Bureau. Its density is 25 percent higher than that of...