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Best In Show

So the porno-obsessed Christian devotees at the Parents Television Council have been so thoughtful and diligent that they have compiled a weekly “Worst TV” clips website. Excellent work people, keep it up!


Looking for the Exit Signs

After nearly two years of fighting, parts of the insurgency in Iraq are prepared to talk and move toward putting away their arms–and the U.S. is willing to listen … sources in Washington told...



I finished a chemistry exam yesterday in around 2/3 of the time it used to take. I attribute this mostly to my purchase and use of a really quite scarily efficient TI-89 Titanium calculator,...


Folding Table Theory of Start-Ups Is Shite

Michael Malone, a “celebrity business journalist” provided this convenient pat analysis of start-ups: One of the tools I’m best known for is Folding Table Theory of Start-Ups. It says that when you walk into...


Moving Forward

A rebel Shiite cleric, wanted dead or alive by US troops, may be offered a seat in government. A favourite to become Iraq’s new prime minister has offered to include Sheikh Muqtada al-Sadr –...


Fertile Ground

I saw a thread in MeFi, where some conservatives have, apparently, belatedly realised that there is a definite slide towards authoritarianism AKA fascism afoot within the USA. And that they are the main enablers....


And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon

The Volition Bug was launched anonymously from a site somewhere in a Central Asian republic. It propagated wirelessly among all the WiFi-communicating chipped objects, installing new directives in their tiny brains, directives that ran...


Aliens Amongst Us

I was thinking about the biological dogma that cephalisation can only occur within bilaterally symmetric animals (Bilateria). It seems to me that a bilateral symmetry would put evolutionary pressure on such animals to evolve...