Abortion Provider Murdered By Terrorist

A Kansas doctor who managed a late-term abortion clinic in Kansas was assassinated by a lone gunman while ushering at his local church. He had survived earlier bomb and multiple gunshot attempts.

Abortion doctor George Tiller is killed
Abortion Provider Shot Dead In Church
Abortion Doctor Shot to Death in Kansas Church

The terrorists willing to use violence and intimidation to constrain the reproductive options available to women were active in the 1980s and especially during the Clinton regime in the 1990s. They became relatively quiescent during the Bush II regime, possibly because they felt a lot of their goals were in concordance with official executive policy during that time. With the installation of a new regime now not as receptive to furthering their goals, I did suspect a probable re-escalation of violence by fringe elements. With the FBI currently almost completely distracted chasing Islamic targets, it’s going to be a weird few years.

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