The Old Gnome<->KDE Shuffle

So my Firefox running on Fedora Gnome Wayland was crashing with hardware accel every time I brought up the “show all windows” task switcher. Turning accel off was ugh. The fixes I read were all bizarrely technical and complicated. So I switched to KDE Plasma Wayland and all good.

The irony is that I had to switch from KDE to Gnome a few months back, when KDE Plasma Wayland did not support running TB4 with a 5K ultrawide, a 4K, and a built-in 3840×2400 laptop monitor. KDE back then produced just impressionistic rubbish on this Optimum/Nvidia machine.

I much prefer KDE to Gnome: it’s fiddlier, and sometimes just overwhelmingly many options and settings, but it lets me customise the display the way I really want it rather than the way some rando Gnome UXer thinks I should.

I expect within a few kernel and driver updates, KDE will stop working again and Gnome will be back operational with hardware accel and window warping. So it goes.

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