UE Boom’s Perverse Firmware Logic

So I’ve had one of these original UE Boom portable bluetooth speakers for *ever*. Didn’t use it for a while & the battery completely discharged. Then it simply would not charge. Charge light blinked, etc, but no charge even after days. I tried everything.

Just kept saying “Critical battery, please charge” or “Charging, please wait.” So then, finally, I tried that one weird trick: plug it in and out “25-30 times.” Then it charged. Who built that into the firmware? Why? What perverse logic made that seem like a good idea?

Of course, this finally desperate act came too late and I had already received its replacement: the Anker Soundcore Motion 300 which, despite its mouthful of a name, sounds much better tbh and has a real USB C charging port so no more old, extra cables.

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