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rclone and Google Drive: Fast

rclone gets 105 MiB/s download from Google Drive and now I am impressed. It’s basically just maxing out my ethernet. Finally “Takeout” is worthwhile. And they’ve added a GUI.


2011 Upgrades

So over past week, upgraded digital life by 1) Google+ gplus.to/meehawl (Nice to look at, but now what?) 2) Spotify US (actually kind of ‘meh’) and 3) Nook Color with Android 2.3 CynanogenMod (AWESOME...


Architecture Astronomy

Microsoft is vacuuming up way too many programmers. Between Microsoft, with their shady recruiters making unethical exploding offers to unsuspecting college students, and Google (you’re on my radar) paying untenable salaries to kids with...