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Morphine for Spectacular Psychiatric Efficacy

On call last night, got a spectacular consult. Elderly person w/ poorly controlled HIV, sent in from a facility. By report, “acting out and throwing self to floor, evaluate for psychiatric disease and 5150...


Call Fu

You know you’re finally getting the hang of call when you can correctly diagnose opioid withdrawal with a beta blocker on-board from just a couple of vital signs read back by a nurse…


PitA Personality Disorder

KNOWN ALLERGIES: –adhesive tape, –all dairy products, nuts, –artificial sweetners, –barium sulfate, –cigarette smoke, –corn, corn oil, corn syrup, –dalmane, –desyrel, –dust, –fd, –gynelotrimin, –halothane, –high fructose corn syrup, –insect stings, –iodized salt, –ipecac,...