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Not His Finest Hour

I saw a reference to a rather detestable HP Lovecraft poem, On the Creation of Niggers, but unfortunately the only extant verses I could find were slightly incorrect versions on Nazi sites like


Brazil Image Problem

A four-day spree of violence in Brazil’s financial capital has killed more than 80 people, including 39 law enforcement officers … Authorities called the attacks an unprecedented assault against public security in Latin America’s...


The Naked Lunch

Growing, processing, and shipping one calories worth of [organic] arugula to the East Coast costs fifty-seven calories of fossil fuel. The growing of the arugula is indeed organic, but almost everything else is late-capitalist...



The reason Second Life bugs me is not the fact that it slows my computer to a crawl, that most of my fellow characters are impossibly thin girls with overinflated breasts, or that most...


Emotional Support Duck

These days people rely on a veritable Noah’s Ark of support animals … although dogs are the most common service animals taken onto planes, the [American Airlines] has had to accommodate monkeys, miniature horses,...


Familiar and Relatively Unassertive

A businesss background music is like an aural pheromone. It attracts some customers and repels others, and it gives pedestrians walking past the front door an immediate clue about whether they belong inside. A...


Happy Mothers’ Day

The United States has the second worst newborn mortality rate in the developed world … American babies are three times more likely to die in their first month as children born in Japan, and...


McNugget Blowback

Men in white rubber suits and gas masks chasing down chickens in rural villages… Chickens sold and slaughtered in live markets… Wild birds flying across the sky… These are the typical images broadcast by...