meehawl all that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned


And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon

The Volition Bug was launched anonymously from a site somewhere in a Central Asian republic. It propagated wirelessly among all the WiFi-communicating chipped objects, installing new directives in their tiny brains, directives that ran...


Aliens Amongst Us

I was thinking about the biological dogma that cephalisation can only occur within bilaterally symmetric animals (Bilateria). It seems to me that a bilateral symmetry would put evolutionary pressure on such animals to evolve...


Video Game Trivia

Someone asserted to me that the Macintosh was the wellspring from whence all great games descended… where do you think Sims (SimCity) and Tetris came from? SimCity? First released in 1987 on Commodore 64...


Kissing Cousins

Incest taboos have become prevalent in our interlinked, modern societies because promoting exogamy acts as a great mechanism for wealth redistribution. Societies that facilitate familial endogamy tend not to be relatively successful in a...


Irony As Policy, Tragedy As Strategy

Baghdad is not under control, either by the Iraqi interim government or the American military … “I would definitely say it’s enemy territory,” said Col. Stephen R. Lanza, the commander of the Fifth Brigade...


Deep Freeze!

Foiled! I had this great idea to record some of my more tedious and long-winded lectures to save myself getting writer’s cramp. However, twice my plucky little Archos died on me after a song...


Note To Self

I noticed this interesting new Google Blogger feature: audio blogs. Set it up to work with your mobile phone, then just call a specific number and waffle for up to five minutes. Your voice...


Now Playing

So by using a Frankenstein-like combination of Media Center, AudioScrobbler and Magpie RSS, I managed to rig up a “Now Playing” list for the page.


Swimming Lessons

“U.S. soldiers began to open fire on the houses, so I decided that it was very dangerous to stay in my house” … Hussein said he panicked, seizing on a plan to escape across...