meehawl all that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned


Celebrity Medicine

So Prince requests medical intervention from Calfornia-based addictions specialist Howard Kornfeld, not licensed to practice medicine in the State of Minnesota. Dr Kornfeld is many hours away, in California. Says can’t see patient immediately....

Adjani Possession 1981 0

Brand New They’re Retro

New Massive Attack video with Rosamund Pike weirdly channels classic Sam Neill/Isabelle Adjani ur-hentai schlock triumph, Żuławski‘s Possession Voodoo In My Blood: Possession:


Rain Rain Rain

This is the magical time of the year when #SFBay imitates #Ireland: Everything’s green, damp & smells like socks


Cool Jungles in Which Blurs Pursued Blurs

Reread #Vollmann’s Whores for Gloria: In the windowpanes of bars all around the blue neon Budweiser signs, reflections made cool jungles in which blurs pursued blurs. Remembered reading this with sadly gone #IainBanks in...


Toyota Vexes Me and I Shall Have It

Changed car battery in Corolla… and then got locked out by an RFID engine immobilizer and previously unknown alarm system becoming activated after 6 years of stealth. Spent basically half a day figuring out...


Terminal Beaches

One thing I rarely see addressed even in the most pedestrian near-future novels will be the sad, extreme lack of nice sandy beaches in our immediate future. Even before the global sea level rise,...


Convergent Evolution

First suspected Ebola case dies in quarantine in Nigeria after collapsing in the Lagos *International* Airport. On the bright side, as is common with many highly lethal crowd diseases, this strain of Ebola seems...


Headache Time

So Brenna has started trying to count up as high as she can go and progressed from a couple of weeks ago naming “one hundred… two hundred” etc to variations on a thousand and...