Numb Skulls

I read increasing numbers of articles such as this BBC one, which “explains” and legitimizes Arab anger over numbskull US foreign policies supporting Israel’s use of terror tactics in its decades-long Middle East expansion. But there’s such a danger in using this to extemporize and justify the use of terror by either side. I guess it comes down to being able to understand where such anger comes from and then being able to make a conscious decision to either fight it head on (whether you believe that you can win against most of the world and centuries of conviction is another matter… I think the lessons of history shows that oppressed powerless minorities will always resort to the use of cheap human capital to score against larger, more technologically sophisticated “oppressors”). But surely the only rational way forward is to try to defuse the source of the anger. Of course, if most of your friends work in the military or make their money selling arms then peace is the last thing on your mind. But at least someone in the Bush Bunch is exerting some pressure to calm the situation.

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