They’re Sadr As Hell And They’re Not Going To Take It Anymore

Sadr “clearly is the most potent political figure, and the most popular one … Unless directly provoked, Sadrists will lay low, because they know the Americans’ time in Iraq is coming to an end … Why would they risk another major loss of fighters if it’s not necessary? Americans in their eyes are already defeated — they’re going to leave.”

Abu Diri, or Father of the Shield, is the nom de guerre of a Shiite Muslim man. Sunni Arabs of Baghdad also know him as “the Butcher” … Abu Diri and his followers dump their victims in the streets bearing bullet wounds and sometimes the smaller holes made by electric drills … At least until July, Abu Diri and the dozens of men believed to be under him operated out of Sadr City and Shula, two Baghdad neighborhoods … heavily loyal to Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr … Abu Diri’s victims typically were found blindfolded, with hands bound, in the streets lining Sadr City … “He’s the enforcer … He goes after specific targets” of Sadr and the Mahdi Army”.

Thousands of bodies turned up on the [Sadr] streets … the victims had been brought from all over Baghdad … Victims typically had their shoes removed and their hands bound … and were executed in public … the women they found dead, like the men found with their genitals mutilated, were judged guilty of extramarital sex … a female worker [worked] at a Sadr City clinic that Mahdi Army members believed was a brothel. The militiamen warned the women there to shut the place down, pistol-whipped them in public and then shot the worker dead on the street.

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