Daily Archive: November 1, 2006


Piggy Bank

The human vagina, when not engaged in coitus, is often much smaller than the local penis. The vaginal tissue, happily enough, has the facility to expand to welcome the visitor and in such circumstances...


Perplexical “meehawl”

So I noticed that there is now a relatively highly pageranked page that for some weird reason has “meehawl” at the top of it that links to something odd.


Two Irelands

Ireland has one of the highest rates of poverty among developed countries, ranking third highest in the 2005 United Nations Human Development Index* … Some 18% of children leave school early, 15% leave school...


Flight of the Dubs

U2 [is] to relocate its music-publishing business from Ireland to the Netherlands in order to shelter its songwriting royalties from taxation … Ireland’s finance minister announced a ceiling of $319,000 on tax-free incomes, and...