Daily Archive: January 15, 2007


Airborne Bollocks

Most drugs are developed by Big Pharma–Brobdingnagian corporations with vast teams of scientists who have, to date, failed to cure the common cold. Airborne’s creator is “Knight-McDowell Labs”–Victoria Knight-McDowell is a schoolteacher and her...


Away From Serfdom

The low-tax, high-income countries are mostly English-speaking ones that share a direct historical lineage with 19th-century Britain and its theories of economic laissez-faire … Budgetary outlays for social purposes average around 27 percent of...


Bunny Love

How is [Hugh Hefner] who’s 78 years old able to have sex with that many women?He doesn’t really do anything. He just lies there with his Viagra erection. It’s just a fake erection, and...