How Christians Die

Police have closed their investigation into the death of the Rev. Gary Aldridge. Detectives determined that no foul play existed in the case and therefore no crime had been committed … Aldridge, 51, was found dead inside his home about 10 a.m. June 24. He had served as pastor of Thorington Road Baptist Church since 1991.

Gary Aldridge graduated from Liberty University and later worked for the late Jerry Falwell … “He went on to become one of the deans and the students loved him. He had a tremendous impact on them,” said Dr. Bob Miller of Liberty University … “It’s easy to get into that which is understandable but I believe God is still in control,” [Steve] Campbell said.

The members of Aldridge’s for­mer church say the investigation has provided closure and allowed the church to move on. “Police did a great job,” said church spokesman Eddie Newton. “We felt they did everything that they needed to do. We’re moving on in Christ.” … Although the case is closed, Rod Kennette, deputy director of the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, would not provide in­formation regarding Aldridge’s au­topsy.

Church officials issued a press release asking community members to “please refrain from speculation” about what led to Aldridge’s demise, adding that, “we will begin the healing process under the strong arm of our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Something is NOT RIGHT about this case and the public and his church members ought to know the the truth – no matter if the truth is embarassing or whatever, the TRUTH needs to be told. For the protection of the local community and citizens for starters.

The decedent is clothed in a diving wet suit, a face mask which has a single vent for breathing, a rubberized head mask having an opening for the mouth and eyes, a second rubberized suit with suspenders, rubberized male underwear, hands and feet have diving gloves and slippers. There are numerous straps and cords restraining the decedent. There is a leather belt around the midriff. There is a series of ligatures extending from the hands to the feet. The hands are bound behind the back. The feet are tied to the hands. There are nylon ligatures holding these in place with leather straps about the wrists and ankles. There are plastic cords also tied about the hands and feet with a single plastic cord extending up to the head and surrounding the lower neck. There is a dildo in the anus covered with a condom.

The prostate gland displays areas of focal hemorrhage on its posterior surface … Personal effects: One yellow metal ring intact on left finger, one dildo.

Thornton Road Baptist Church continues to reach out around to leather-clad men everywhere…

etc etc etc

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