Google Got IMAP

Saw this and checked and, yes, it seems that after literally years of retarded obstinance, Google has finally enabled IMAP for its GMail email service. I just checked and the option appears on the “Settings” tab. There’s HowTos here. Finally this will make using GMail on the mobile less annoying by reducing the number of duplicate entries. Maybe this is a result of competition from Microsoft’s new Live Mail (or whatever) which, after I went through a tedious upgrade process, actually seemed to have some very cool integration *and* 5GB of storage. And Yahoo’s Go client for mobiles is very slick and way, way ahead of any Google’s equivalent available offerings except, of course, the client-native Maps.

Of course, a new issue I face now is that, with IMAP, a mail server behaves more like a folder store in that you can copy messages to and from it. So I could import all my old email into GMail, finally, without having to fake it with a spoofed POP server as some crazy people have done. It’s usually as simple as drag’n’drop. But I have email archives going back to 1987 – I may be over GMail’s space limit. Maybe this is a plan to get people to pay for upgraded server space?archives

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