Cultural Depictions of Joan of Arc

I was inspired by yesterday’s entry to add this little pearl of wisdom to Wikipedia’s entry for Cultural Depictions of Joan of Arc:

In the Herald Childe or Image of the Beast novel sequence by Philip José Farmer, one of the shape-shifting alien sexual predators is Joan of Arc, now living with the 15th-century serial killer Gilles de Rais buried within her vagina dentata as a fang-toothed venomous snake that bites and paralyses men during intercourse, prior to sodomising them and then eating them alive from the inside out.

I wonder how long it will take the dittohead mob that infest Wikipedia to delete it as “non notable” or “trivial”, or whatever else it is that is used as an excuse for obscure “knowledge” not explicitly related to Star Wars. Farmer’s book is, of course, incredible. One of the best mashups of detective fiction, porn, horror, and science fiction I’ve found.

Image of the Beast

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  1. Dez says:

    So eh this caught my eye
    The Second Coming of Joan of Arc

    I wonder what the point is of all this out there fiction( or fact)
    what generates it….
    interesting though

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