Social Killers

Apparently Web 2.0 means that nasty-arse killers can find each other online. Pekka-Eric Auvinen or “sturmgeist89” (ex-NaturalSelector89)was the YouTube name of the school shooter in Finland that killed 10 people after posting a YouTube video announcing his intentions through video and text. He posted a whole bunch of tiresome crap on YouTube all about Social Darwinism, Waco, neo-Nazism, Kaczynski, Columbine, Tokyo Sarin, Iraq media footage, other school shooters, and general thanatotic fetishism. Apparently, the “Social Darwinists” really don’t get the whole idea of maximizing the number of their offspring. Anyway, in a startling display of boneheadedness, Google is busy deleting all his videos – maybe worried it could be sued by someone? Sturmgeist89’s profile page now says “This account is suspended”… who knew mass murder was a TOS violation? There’s a record of his old profile and also an FTP site with some “manifesto” material. In a sign of impressively morbid entrepreneurship, some wag has already registered (using a difficult-to-trace Armenian URL redirector) and is re-posting the sturmgeist89 videos, probably to grab some Google AdSense money. These mass murder “spree killers” even have their own fan clubs now.

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  1. Dez says:

    am liking the get out of jail notice on the ftp site.
    ” This is not killer’s website, here is only some files. I found these files from google, after the massacre. I don’t know the killer ”

    Ha, chicken shit.

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