Killing Time

MetaFilter is a good way to pass some time:

Anglo Women are an endangered species!

Past life as a Samurai.

I am a Mutant with an enlarged brain, and a device implanted into my head but its very sensitive to electromagnetic fields.. please help me avoid them

Phones are bugged
Need Resources on Mind Energy Changing DNA

Bus boyfriends
No longer rockin’ the suburbs

I shit a worm

Vegas Threesome

I’ve invented a complete imaginary world. Am I insane?
The Lifecycle of the Imaginary

How to shoot a lot of sperm?

Could a typical young man, armed only with a knife, (say, six or eight inches long) be trained to consistently “win” fights with a grizzly bear?

Tommorow is your lucky day, punk ass piece of shit

Now I Know How Simone Warne Must Have Felt

Do I have a classic case of “More-ism?”

Metafilter: you fucking pissants have pulled this shit more than once.

How do I administer some mammal love?

Panty stealer!


Lawyer Harassment

I sit adjacent to a nice woman at work. I get bad thoughts.

How do I screw my neighbor?

I just got fired today for reading this thread.

What’s it like to feel loved?

Bisexuality and the law?

MetaFilter is now neither meta nor a filter.

A link to NAMBLA is just wrong
Growing Up Sexually

What more could I do to stop going crazy?

How does a Protestant minister handle a confession of murder?

Help me become a professional shop lifter

Can I fix my own furnace?

Steal a dog to save a dog, but hurt a man in the process

Why can’t the executives at my job spell?

End of youth?
Life-altering experiences

What to do when your s-o doesn’t come through in a pinch

Trials of a Responsible Hedonist
Girl Crazy
Fell in love with a prostitute. Lasted 3 years; ended badly. How to get over it?

is an ebay fraud seller free?

I bet my right hand against quonsar’s lies

I had no idea how militantly ignorant reklaw was

Calling them like I see them

If you don’t know the answer, don’t answer the question

Is my mom’s behavior towards my little brother inappropriate?

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