Power of Prayer

A man, woman and two teenage children apparently shared a house in Necedah Township, Wisconsin with a corpse for two months before authorities found the body. At least one of the adults in the house insisted the dead woman inside wasn’t “fully dead,” and that they could pray her back to life … [Police] found Middlesworth’s remains in a heap on what appeared to be a toilet. Police reports indicate the smell of decay was “overpowering” … Police say Lewis then refused to talk to them without her “superior.” That turned up out to be Alan Bushey, who police say also goes by “Bishop John Peter Bushey.” After Bushey arrived, Lewis told deputies that Middlesworth passed out a couple of months prior, and that Lewis had propped her up on the toilet. She then claimed “Bishop Bushey” told her that God would raise Middlesworth from the dead, and that Lewis and her children prayed for days in hopes of that happening. Police also interviewed the teenagers, who told them Bushey convinced them to be quiet about the body. They say Bushey told them demons were making it appear that Middlesworth was dead, and that if her death was discovered, the children would be sent to public school and be forced to get jobs.

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