Sexual Singularity

So now, thanks to noted Republican game designer Will Wright, humankind is one step closer to the Singularity. From the simple early beginnings of the likes of Core War, Life and Creatures, we now have the unfortunately DRM-laden Spore. Providing people are willing to consent to the monitoring and potential control of their computing device according to the whims of the Electronic Arts Software Gulag and Sony’s SecuROM, they can now act as creators, creating entire virtual worlds and creatures therein, and sharing them with the global hive mind. The game eschews real-world random mutation and natural selection and instead deploys a tour de force symbiosis of computing and multimedia to enable people to practice intelligent design in a manner aceptable to the anti-science inquisitors at the Discovery Institute. And what manner of wonderful creatures do we as nascent godlings bring forth?

Yes… Penis Monsters – truly the Singularity Is Near, oh yes.

Brian Aldiss was right all along when, in his Helliconia epic (one of the greatest science fictions of the 20th century), he predicted how the advanced inhabitants of Earth would devour news from the Universe only as a giant reality show and then, finally, how the remaining advanced civilisation would collapse into savagery and sexual perversity. Its last relics? The hunting gangs of genetically engineered, aggressive, semi-intelligent and rapacious dildo organisms. Humankind’s final legacy to the Universe.

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