They Got To Da Choppas (That Were Working)

So it seems as if this Democratic President learned one hard lesson from his predecessor Carter’s aborted attempt to stage a commando raid: if there are helicopters involved, some of them will malfunction. Carter’s raid into Iran was comprehensively knackered by multiple malfunctioning helicopters. Obama apparently took no chances, sending four main copters first, and two reserve copters on the assumption that something would probably go wrong. One copter did stall, and was apparently blown up by US troops. Which accounts for that liveblogger in Abbottabad (apparently a Pakistani version of Carmel, CA) tweeting about helicopter crashes. Around half the time I drive past MCAS Miramar there are multiple huge copters in the air apparently practicing transport and refuelling in that weird, lumbering way only massive military air craft can manage. Not I will be even more nervous driving under them.

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