Monthly Archive: July 2011


My House M.D. Moment

Hgb electrophoresis confirmed a putative thalassemia diagnosis I made last week on person presenting with microcytic anemia and, after some digging around the family history, a “half-Sicilian” mother. At last all those USMLE ding-dong...


Debt Crisis? No, Trust Crisis

Back in 2007/2008, when the Capitalist banking system collapsed generally and globally, most pundits at the time who were broadcast widely proclaimed it as a “liquidity” crisis. Simply step in to socialise the losses,...


2011 Upgrades

So over past week, upgraded digital life by 1) Google+ (Nice to look at, but now what?) 2) Spotify US (actually kind of ‘meh’) and 3) Nook Color with Android 2.3 CynanogenMod (AWESOME...