Borne Back Ceaselessly

So there’s a new Gatsby movie, full of crap fast-cut song-and-dance scenes ala Moulin Rouge. I like the way the director, Baz Luhrmann, is so very fakeGatsby when he says stuff like:

Luhrmann is taking quite a risk with his own Gatsby. His decision to film in 3-D has garnered more than a bit of skepticism. ”The idea of drama in 3-D is thrilling,” he says. ”You’re so absorbed in it. In 2-D, you tend to have to artificially create energy.”

So instead of being borne back into a horrid past where you had to use these simply awful 2-D techniques such as “dialogue” and “plot” and “timing” and “framing” to create “energy”, Gatsby is such a vacuous palimpsest that it enables you to move into a glorious, remorseless future. Much like Jay Gatsby’s fantastical mechanical juicer.

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