is You Takin’ Notes?

The NYT has a story that’s really something. An “earlier” copy of a memo Trump wrote firing FBI Director Comey is now in possession of the Mueller investigation. Some key takeaway points are that Trump dictated it to Noted Flunky Stephen Miller, thus putting Miller the position of taking notes on a criminal F’n conspiracy as it happened. Then the Trump Cray-Cray Memo was distributed to many people including VP Pence, thereby making him an accessory as well (possibly a future as a cooperating witness awaits him if he wants to remain in place long enough to succeed Trump). The kicker is that the memo was then deemed too Cray-Cray, so Rosenstein was drafted to write a cover memo. Thus making Rosenstein, the person nominally in charge of the Mueller investigation, a more obvious accessory to a cover up designed to obfuscate the original decision to fire Comey, which kick started the entire Mueller investigation in the first place. And obviously, to have obtained such exquisite detail in the NYT (and also WSJ, which is running its own version with slightly different details), it means that more than one person at that meeting is now singing like a canary, probably as a confidential informant, desperate to save their skins. It’s literally a circular firing squad in action. This is so epic that i am going to quote it at length:

“Trump ordered Mr. Miller to draft a letter, and dictated his unfettered thoughts. Several people who saw Mr. Miller’s multi-page draft described it as a “screed.”

Copies of the letter were handed out in the Oval Office to senior officials, including Mr. McGahn and Vice President Mike Pence. Mr. Trump announced that he had decided to fire Mr. Comey, and read aloud from Mr. Miller’s memo.

Some present at the meeting, including Mr. McGahn, were alarmed that the president had decided to fire the F.B.I. director after consulting only Ms. Trump, Mr. Kushner and Mr. Miller. Mr. McGahn began an effort to stop the letter or at least pare it back.

Rosenstein was given a copy of the original letter and agreed to write a separate memo for Mr. Trump about why Mr. Comey should be fired.

Rosenstein’s memo arrived at the White House the next day. The lengthy diatribe Mr. Miller had written had been replaced by a simpler rationale — that Mr. Comey should be dismissed because of his handling of the Clinton email investigation.”

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