Mo Borders, Mo Troubles

Wrt Brexit’s Irish Question… During “The Troubles“, there were 3,600 people killed, over 50,000 injured, and thousands of bombs (this is only a small sample of notables). By the 1990s, the impact and economic damage of the IRA’s targetting was increasing dramatically: Baltic Exchange, Bishopsgate, Manchester 1996. These were then close to billion dollar economic hits as well as devastatingly fatal. This was a factor in the readiness of the major parties to come to the negotiating table and hammer out a ceasefire.

By comparison, the mickey mouse efforts of Daesh in the UK recently are relatively insignificant. The fact that some Tory elements have been willing to play ethno-nationalist zero-sum games to fuel their internal political struggles that have resulted in Brexit and are toying with the idea of again erecting a hard border in Ireland that can only add legitimacy back to the rogue splinter IRA elements and risk re-igniting the Troubles are just another sign of their moral bankruptcy.

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