Bye SpamGourmet

The greatest email service hardly anyone ever heard of, SpamGourmet, is shutting down after the owner tragically developed GBM. I’ve used SpamGourmet for nearly 20 years to block spam from finding me. It was always resolutely anti-corporate and privacy respecting. It still has a beautiful 1990s web interface that just got the job done without any fuss. I looked into porting the server onto a VPS, which despite being a mess of vintage Perl some brave people have managed. However my sanity has a high price tag. I moved to TrashMail, which is a pay service, along with a custom domain. Goodbye SpamGourmet and Josh Hamilton, one of the greatest Web 1.0 sites ever. Thanks.

Your message stats:
72,978 forwarded,
228,415 eaten.
You have 1802 spamgourmet address(es).

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