Go anti-Woke, Go Broke

When they are writing up the HBS case study for how Musk flushed a record sum of money down the Twitter drain, this pronouncement will be used (among so many others) as a classic example of how, seeing what was successful in other social media companies, Musk chose to do the exact opposite. For a site so utterly dependent upon its (remaining) ad buyers, turning off browsing/broadcasting for people without accounts, and then limiting the ad reach even for people who had gone through the effort of setting up accounts, is just an amazing self-pwn.

Of course, since Musk is notoriously cheap and also dissimulating, it is also highly likely that, when it came time to renew its web hosting, Twitter paid for some incredibly cheap, low-end tier. And then the decision to block non-logged in users led to unintentional self-DDoSing. Which then led to Twitter blowing through its third-quarter data cap within less than a day. And hence the breakdowns, the panic, and the lolz BS tweets from Musk.

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