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US Senator Contemplates Judicial Purge

John Cornyn, a rather obnoxious US Senator, has suggested that it’s somehow understandable how *some* people might be driven to kill “activist” Judges who make unpopular decisions. Reminds me of how Stalin solidifed his...


Oh How Embarrassing

I’ve just discovered that Dispensationalism (the kooky and dangerously twisted strand of religious fundamentalism unnervingly popular in the United States) was invented by an Irish guy, in Dublin: one John Nelson Darby no less....


Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is DeLay

So this grandstanding Jesus Creeper of a politician is currently making hay by condemning anyone who supports euthanasia. Yet in 1988 DeLay participated in a decision to withhold life support from his brain-damaged father,...


Damn Their Eyes!

SO I got this new DVD recorder (NEC 3500) and, just for once, wanted to use it to make an honest backup (!) of a DVD that was quite rare. But when I tried...


Gigantic Daze

I am back from a week in Ireland. Me and Lisa tramped across the Aran Islands, wandered through Connemara, and dawdled around Kilkenny before travelling to Dublin to blow our savings on restaurant bills....


Sturm Und Drang

Living in Manhattan has its ups and downs. One characteristic of this city is the ubiquitous air conditioning units retrofitted onto older buildings (such as the one me and Lisa live in) that stick...


Best In Show

So the porno-obsessed Christian devotees at the Parents Television Council have been so thoughtful and diligent that they have compiled a weekly “Worst TV” clips website. Excellent work people, keep it up!


Looking for the Exit Signs

After nearly two years of fighting, parts of the insurgency in Iraq are prepared to talk and move toward putting away their arms–and the U.S. is willing to listen … sources in Washington told...



I finished a chemistry exam yesterday in around 2/3 of the time it used to take. I attribute this mostly to my purchase and use of a really quite scarily efficient TI-89 Titanium calculator,...