meehawl all that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned


Dick Cheney Demands Perrier and Fox News

So much for the France Boycott. Dick cheney’s hospitality rider specifies mineral water for his wife (Perrier is recommended) and that all TVs be tuned to Fox News. Nothing about taking out the red...



This is all over the web, but it’s so fun it’s worth repeating. Part of the “Pinky Violence” genre, with Reiko Ike as a generally pissed off but highly sexed female yakuza boss.


The Forever Not-Quite-War

In the three days after the bombing of the Shia shrine in Samarra on 22 February, some 1,300 people, mostly Sunni, were picked up on the street or dragged from their cars and murdered....


The World of Tomorrow!

Chongqing is the fastest-growing urban centre on the planet … Every year, 8.5 million Chinese peasants move into cities. Most of their destinations are mere specks on western maps … The names of many...


Bye Bye Chef

Isaac Hayes, who has provided the voice of Chef for [South Park] since 1997, asked to be let out of his contract because he had just noticed that the cartoon, about four precocious potty-mouthed...


Reality D’Oh!

Seven residents of a Uruguayan town were killed on Friday when they were run over by a train they were pushing as part of a reality television show.


It’s A Profitable Way To Be Irish

In the last 15 years, Dublin-based IPCo and its competitors have fabricated and installed more than 1,800 watering holes in more than 50 countries … and an industry was built around the reproduction of...



I went to do something new with my Irish bank account and found I needed a “Code Card“, some post-modern version of a one-time pad challenge-response system made out of cardboard. It reminds me...


Exponents Are *Hard*

Newsweek recently gushed that “one in five males in northwest Ireland may be a descendant of a legendary fifth-century warlord.” In fact, virtually everyone with any European ancestry is descended from that man …...