The Moral Case Against Apple In One Picture

First, in the 1980s, Apple came for my Franklin Ace, and I did not speak out. Then Apple came for my centred icon labels, and I did not speak out. Then Apple came for my overlapping and resizable windows, and I did not speak out. Then Apple came for my trash can icon, and I did not speak out. Then Apple came for my unlock screen, and I did not speak out. Then Apple came for my black rectangles, and it was time to speak out.

Thanks to the Apple-Samsung trial discovery, Apple has had to abandon, for a time, pushing the auteur conceit that its magical devices spring virtually fully formed from the forehead of demigods such as Steve Jobs, Athena/Minerva-fashion, but instead revealed a rather usual, classic design-by-committee, competitor analysis and focus group iterative process. However, Apple has circulated several pictures where it basically claims to have created the black rectangle form factor for mobile almost entirely uninfluenced by anything that had gone before. But it is using rather selective timeline pictures, promulgated widely by the Apple Polishers.

Here’s a different timeline:
Rectangular Screen Mobile Phone Evolution

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  1. crayzeeteri says:

    I’ve been reading all about this, and I am just APPALLED if I have to pick a word! Apple’s mama needs to spank them and put them in time out for acting like a bunch of immature, spoiled, bully brats! These are supposed to be adults, not to mention the smartest on the planet, and their acting like punks! Should Ford sue Chevy for having power windows? Or Guess sue Levi for pockets on the backs of their jeans? Or Nike sue Vans for having shoelaces? (I don’t know who made what 1st, but u get it) This is ridiculous! Reminds of the schoolyard bully who wants to beat up that girl because she’s prettier! I own both the iPhone and the new SGS3 – had the Vibrant before that, and although they have a similar look with similar features, they are not the same AT ALL, just 2 devices offering consumers variety and companies competition AS IT SHOULD BE! No different than 2 brands of stereos, TVs, washing machines, or anything else. They’re just mad because the SGS 3 definitely kicked the iPhone’s butt in every way! SO WHAT – Stop cryin, get over it, and go make a better device to compete like everyone else does, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Maybe Nintendo WII should sue them for making the XBOX Kinect, or Sony or whoever made the 1st walkman should sue them for making something you can listen to music on that’s portable that you plug headphones into! Jeez people, COME ON!!!! I’m getting rid of my Apple devices promptly, and I don’t care if Apple makes a device that makes my money, cooks, washes my dishes, and tucks me in at night – I will NEVER buy from them again, just on principle! I refuse to support a bunch bullying spoiled BRATS that are showing my kids the exact behavior that I have always tried to tell them is NEVER OK and will not be tolerated! I still can’t believe anyone is condoning this crap! Unbelievable!

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