To Carve Man

Updates have been completely absent for an age now. I was distracted by a pressing need to pass the final year of “book learning” in medical school, and right around the end of November 2008 is when I began to suspect that this would be more difficult than I had anticipated. I discovered that me and Anatomy really didn’t mix very well, and between the skinning and slicing of bodies and the distractions of writing, well, something had to be sacrificed. Thankfully that has now passed and I received my final exam grade today indicating that, yes, I shall go to the ball. The Surgery Ball, that is, which is to be my first rotation, where I shall learn to carve man. I begin, however, doing an elective in poisons (“Toxicology”), which should be interesting, if possibly a little sad.

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  1. Dez says:

    Hey Mike,
    well done on your achievement



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