US Congressman Paul Broun Practiced Medicine Without a License

So, confirmed dingbat, Science Denier and Chairman of the US Congress’s Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight of the Committee on Science and Technology, recently said that such things as embryology, evolution and astrophysics such as the Big Bang are “lies straight from the pit of hell” meant to deceive the righteous from their True Faith, or something similar (which is, in a way, quite similar to the argument’s made by Late Antiquity Christian apologists such as Tertullian or Justin Martyr for the similarities between the rituals and symbolism of other Mediterranean fertility cults, such as Mithraism, and Christianity, that these otherwise inexplicable similarities had been “planted” by Satan, sometimes centuries before Christ, to deceive).

Anyway, so I was curious: who is this chump? He’s a physician! From his official web page:

For most of his career, Dr. Broun has practiced general medicine and, in 2002, he went out on his own, establishing a unique practice of full-time house calls. Dr. Broun enjoys the freedom of practicing medicine without bureaucratic encumbrances.

According to the Georgia Medical Board, he was admonished for letting his license lapse which meant that,for a while, “practiced as a physician without a current license”.

I guess this was part of his policy of “practicing medicine without bureaucratic encumbrances”

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