Ow My Vaccinated Balls

Ow! My balls! The Stupidity!

“You have 100 million viruses sprayed up the nose, along with other things like MSG (monosodium glutamate) and sugar, which causes inflammation … Someone who gets vaccinated could say, ‘Well the flu didn’t kill me.’ But when you’re sitting there with Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS or you’re watching your kid develop seizures or become autistic you’re going to kick yourself in the butt for allowing your child or you yourself receiving it.”

Encinitas “health writer” Judd Handler quoting notable SoCal kook Dr Dan Harper M.D. H.M.D. M.D.H.

Conveniently, Mr Handler’s LinkedIn page lists him as an employee of the “Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation”, where Dr Harper is a board member. PPNF is an organisation based on extrapolating dietary preferences of cats to human health (ie, raw meat and raw dairy with lots of saturated fat is optimally healthy) and advocates mainly for increasing dietary meat consumption. It also occasionally publishes “scholarly” books pimping Focal Infection Theory, an ancient “just so” medical theory largely discredited by the mid-part of the last century and enjoying a modern popularity really only with homeopathic and naturopathic fakirs. Focal Infection Theory also led to some horrific surgical abuses during the darkest years of early biological psychiatry.

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